Welcome to SharifCTF Blog!

In this blog, we will keep up-to-date information regarding CTF contests held by Sharif CERT, including write-ups for our challenges (as well as nice challenges by other teams).

This blog will start small, but through baby steps, it will grow over time!

A Bit of History

The first online SharifCTF was held back in 2011. While the first through third CTFs were national competitions, the forth (and later) contests were international events.

No. Year Total1 Scored2 CTFTime Score CTFTime Poll rating
4th SharifCTF 2013 285 193 20.00 3.8
5th SharifCTF 2014 874 416 25.00 3.6
6th SharifCTF 2016 1414 447 35.00 4.5


Currently, we plan to add the write-ups for SharifCTF 2016.

You can see these write-ups in the above menus.

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