Maze (400 pts)


Play the game and capture the flag!


Analyze the file by PEiD for detecting the file packer!


The file packed by VMProtect! Can anybody reverse it!?

Let's run the app!

> Maze.exe
Longest path has 545454 nodes!
Do you want to start the game? (y/n)

Let's run the app a few minutes later!

> Maze.exe
Longest path has 542457 nodes!
Do you want to start the game? (y/n)

As you can see in both execution, every time we run the app the longest path will decrees! So it seems the app is time dependent. Let's change the time to 23:59:00.

> Maze.exe
Longest path has 509580 nodes!
Do you want to start the game? (y/n)

Can we make the path shorter by changing the time more than 23:59:00? Yes! By simple hooking!

Hook GetSystemTime and make hour and minutes more and more! It causes the longest path become shorter and so we can solve the problem quickly.

By some try we will understand that the hour=2999 and minutes=199 is the best solution that makes the Longest Path to 1. Restart program. Just test the path and capture the flag. The flag is Just_Hook_Get_System_Time_API_Wo0W.