8th Sharif University Capture The Flag


  • Account: Each team has a single account. All members of a team should login with the team account. There's no limit on the number of team members.

  • Categories: This contest includes these types of challenges : Web, Forensic, Crypto, Reverse, Misc, Pwn.

  • Yard: Is the place you can find all you need during the contest.

  • Flag: All flags have the format SharifCTF{some_chars}.

  • Scoreboard: Scoreboard is where you can see your score, as well as the score of other teams. It is accessible from the yard.

  • Chat: If you have any question, ask it in the chat. Please note that chats are private.

  • News: any changes or any news on the contest will be posted there. Don't forget to check the page periodically.


SharifCTF is intended to provide a warm environment for entertainment and learning. Therefore, any action that undermines our endeavors are unwelcome. This includes, but is not limited to, attacking the contest infrastructure, and cheating during the contest.

Please read the following rules carefully, and abide by them during the contest. Disregarding the rules may result in your team being disqualified.

  • Attacking: Mounting any kind of attack against the SharifCTF infrastructure is forbidden. This includes scanning, DoS, exploiting possible vulnerabilities, sabotage, etc.
    Brute force and denial of service attacks on any challenge will not be tolerated, unless the challenge calls for such an attack.

  • Cheating: Stealing, selling, buying, disclosing, or sharing flags between teams are prohibited. We deployed mechanisms to detect and ban teams involved in such misnorms
If you find any bugs in our challenges, please report it for possible bonus points.


First team:1,200 USD
Among OTHER teams, the following prizes are offered for the Iranian teams:
* First place: 35,000,000 IRR
* Second place: 25,000,000 IRR

Prizes can be claimed provided that the corresponding team sends us the write-ups for the challenges they solved (within 1 week after the contest).


You can ask your questions about competition rules by ctf@cert.sharif.edu

Hello rules challenge

The flag of this challenge is SharifCTF{MD5(lowercase(Hello_Rules))}